Podcast Club

Just Another Movie Podcast Episode 1: Rogue One A Star Wars Story
Mr. Randolph and Xavier Dean have a conversation about the movie!

Just Another Movie Podcast Episode 2: Captain America: Civil War  Mr. Randolph, Xavier Dean, Kieran Cassady, and Nathan Harcar talk about the events and underlying meaning of the movie.

​Just Another Movie Podcast ​​Episode 3: UP Mr. Randolph, Xavier, Nate, Nate, Eric and Kieran talk about the movie UP.  Unfortunately, Mr. Randolph forgot to plug in the microphones to the computer, so the sound quality is not the best, but we are going to put it out anyway.  The conversation was just that good.  

Coach's Corner Episode 1: Mr. McGurk, Mr. Albert, Sean McGurk, and Natalie Haynes talk about the girl's basketball season and about Natalie's stunning 1000 point plateau!

Just Another Movie Podcast Episode 4: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  Mr. Randolph, Nate, Kieran, and Xavier talk about the beginning of the Harry Potter saga.  We get a little distracted by the music, but in a good way.  Oh, I remembered to plug in the microphones this time!

Coach's Corner Episode 2: Mr. MgGurk, Mr. Doty, Sean MgGurk and Christian Bedecker talk about the SHS basketball season and the upcoming conference games!

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